I-130/CR-1 Overview and Timeline

We’ve found this over the internet and made some adjustments according to the information we currently have. The following table will be very useful to overview the whole process and know more or less what to expect.

Stages and Processing Times

Start Send I-130 Petition Package (with $420) to USCIS
+1-2 weeks USCIS confirms receipt of Petition (NOA1)
+20 weeks USCIS approves case (NOA2)
+6-12 weeks NVC requests foreign spouse choose her “Agent” in USA
+2-4 weeks NVC requests Sponsor to pay online $80, Affidavit of Support Fee
+1-2 weeks NVC requests Sponsor to pay online $230, visa application fee
+0 weeks After Sponsor pays fees, he submits Package of Civil documents to NVC, including his Affidavit of Support
+3-6 weeks NVC confirms all needed documents have been verified
+0 NVC schedules appointment at US consulate, or advises that US consulate will contact foreign spouse directly
+8 weeks Foreign Spouse has medical + consulate interview (brings to consulate final package of documents and evidences)
+1-2 weeks Passport is returned to Spouse with CR1 Visa attached

3 thoughts on “I-130/CR-1 Overview and Timeline

    • Spouse is a Citizen. But there should be no difference at all if yours is a resident.

      I have not updated this blog for a while. My wife is a Resident now. We went trough the whole process in about 1 year. She also had a Tourist Visa, which she used to visit me here at the US during the process. The actual interview happened at the US Embassy in Venezuela.

      This is our complete timeline:

      I strongly suggest you read all the information on this website. Also read through the forums. Theres plenty of useful information there and you will also find month to month threads of people that are in the same stage that you are, sharing their experiencies. It helps a lot to keep in touch with people that are going through the same.

      Good luck!


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